Speaking of Seeking

Having now had multiple conversations about Sabbath with different people in my world, I’ve learned that some of the very smartest people I know (who I trust and respect very much) have totally different views on some key theological points to do with Sabbath keeping. I think it’s important to make one clarification before we go much further together.
I am approaching Sabbath keeping as a seeker, not as a theologian.
I am currently working on the assumption that there is a God-ordained and designed rhythm for our lives which includes time for work, and time for rest. I’m viewing the Sabbath as a gift, not an obligation.
Let’s be very clear. I am terrible at rest – like REALLY bad at it. I tend to feel guilty when I’m not busy, and rest alludes me. When I’m not physically active, my brain is still processing and is chronically unable to settle. From the conversations I have with co-workers, neighbours and friends, I know that I’m not alone.
I’m not a theologian. I’m a normal person and I am seeking Sabbath – and I invite you to seek it with me. I’m planning to explore what a modern-day Sabbath observance might look like and how to faithfully create guilt-free space for rest into my otherwise crazy busy life. I’m planning to study, and learn, and try, and probably fail, and grow, and try some more.
I guarantee that I won’t always hit the target, but I’m sure it’ll be an interesting journey. I’m happy to bring you along for the ride.
(Of course, I completely reserve the right to share more on those heavier theological pieces as I go. I’m studying a lot. While I’m professing to not be a theologian, it is possible that I could learn something worthy of blog-space, and if I do, I promise to tell you! We’re in this together!)

Seeking Sabbath

There are certain topics in Christian conversations that tend to make me cringe… the Sabbath has been one of those avoidance prefered topics.

About a year ago, I sat at the dinner table with my community group and found my voice rising into NOT a sweet Sunday morning kind of tone as I proclaimed that honouring the Sabbath was impossible in my life and I was mad about any expectation or command about it. Literally mad. Voice raising, face going red kind of mad. About being commanded to enjoy a day of rest. Seriously, what is wrong with me!?!

Seems being called to rest doesn’t sit well with me and it drags up all sorts of frustration, envy and disappointment. My life is hard. I work REALLY hard to make it all work. But, if its true that God commands Sabbath rest, and that God intends it as a gift for me, then it has to be possible. God wouldn’t ask me to do something He wasn’t willing to equip me to do, would He?

Must tell you, I didn’t go home from that meeting anything but mad. I didn’t have a lightbulb God-breeze kind of moment where it all made sense and the Sabbath was suddenly an easy gift to receive and implement in my life. I didn’t leave with peace or joy or contentment. Nope… I left mad at God, mad at my life realities and mad at everyone else who seemed to have it figured out.

I was mostly mad that I knew the topic was no longer avoidable. I had declared fairly loudly in conversation with other people from my church (one of whom was a pastor) that I was totally incapable of honouring a Biblical command.

They were all much more gracious about it than I was. I’m always harder on myself than anyone else can be. I couldn’t let this one rest. (Ironic, when the whole thing was about rest to begin with…)

I started to go after it myself – this whole sabbath thing. And, the past year has been filled with more than a couple more raised voice conversations, research, reading, experimenting and increased attempts at making Sabbath a reality in my otherwise overloaded kind of life.

Seeking Sabbath. It’s my story and my song this season. As I unpack some of the things I’m learning and discovering. I’d love to hear how you honour the Sabbath in your life too. Leave a comment about what the Sabbath looks like for you, what works, what you struggle with. Oh, and if it all just makes you mad, feel free to vent a bit – sometimes we need to let go of the sweet Sunday tones and go ALL CAPS. I get it!