Smart and Simple Solution #1

To create space for Sabbath, I’m finding that I need to be intentional and intelligent in how I approach my “normal” six days – so when my window for rest comes, I’m not such a scattered or disorganized mess that I miss it!

My goal is to test and blog about one “Smart and Simple Solution” each week that makes my day-to-day life easier to manage – and makes seeking Sabbath just a little easier too.  

My #1 new favourite thing and the #1 Solution I’m sharing with you is… drum roll please… online grocery shopping.

This is seriously the best thing.

My closest grocery store has a Click & Collect service, where I can make my online grocery list, confirm a time slot, and hit click. I used to grocery shop on my way home from work – and typically finished tired, hungry and a little miserable… And, then I’d still have to get home and cook! URG!

Now, it’s like I have an assistant who will run to the store for me. And, while I can’t really afford a personal assistant, I can afford the $3 fee that the store charges for this luxury. (It’s $5 for a prime time or weekend time slot).

I am saving myself a whole lot of hassle. It’s giving me back well over an hour a week. My planning is better. I literally “stick to my list” in the store and don’t end up with impulse purchases. I love this service! It’s definitely a Smart and Simple Solution worth sharing!

If you want to try this, and you live near a Great Canadian Superstore, message me and I will send you a link for a code for $10 off your first order. If not, google and see which grocery stores in your area offer this service and try it.

Leave a comment and let me know how this solution works out for you, or share a Smart and Simple Solution of your own. We’re all seeking together and I’d love to hear what’s working for you!


6 thoughts on “Smart and Simple Solution #1

  1. I don’t have a great Canadian near me, but I do have an Independent and Walmart, both of which have recently started online shopping to pick up at the store. I imagined their price would be higher than $3 to use the service, but am going to have to check it out. I hate shopping with both kids along, often bickering or trying to grab things off the shelves (they’re still young and are learning, but it’s a challenge).


  2. I’m always looking to make life simpler. I have grown fond of the ordering and pick-up process that Target offers, but I still have not yet tried any grocery delivery services. As a working mom with toddlers with a high school head football coach as a husband, I am definitely open to try this out. Thanks!


  3. This is a super suggestion, Nellie. We live in Costa Rica as missionaries, but I want to try this out when we visit the states. Especially helpful for those of us in an overwhelmed state about how many choices there are in the aisle up north. Thank you.


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