Smart and Simple Solution #3

Today, I made myself a Sabbath Basket. I’m calling these simple solutions for a reason… this might be something everyone BUT me already had figured out! It’s super simple, but I expect it to be a significant solution to my rather scattered approach!

I am a random (scattered) thinker – and as a result, I don’t have a lot of routines, structure, or systems that stay the same for very long. My house gets pretty scattered, my bookshelf is very scattered, and things often end up in very strange places. Let me be real and honest for a moment and confess that I lost the same cup of coffee four times today.

So as I was looking for solutions that might help me do better at keeping my Sabbath focussed, I decided to start by just gathering things up for easy access.

My basket is filled with things to pull out both for my Sabbath times, and for my daily devotion time. And, I also picked a spot in my house to keep it – our house is small and I haven’t had a designated quiet space for myself (I didn’t even have a bedroom of my own until July!). Today I picked a corner to try and use consistently so I have a space with everything I need ready to go.

I put a Bible and a notebook in there, and a pen for taking notes. (My Bible looks a little worse for wear… but, this isn’t about being pretty!)

I put a very simple short devotion book in, and also two of the next books that I’m hoping to finish reading.

And I put in a colouring book, and a few art supplies. I am not super artistic, but I feel like space for creativity is important for me when trying to get my brain into a place of stillness. Colouring seems to engage just enough of my brain that I can really settle.

It’s important to note, all of these items were in my house. I didn’t have to go buy anything, I just had to think intentionally and gather things up.

I’m curious, do you have a basket or zone in your house that you designate for quiet times? What helps you focus? I’d love to have you comment below, or come join the conversation in our Seeking Sabbath Facebook group.


10 thoughts on “Smart and Simple Solution #3

  1. Fun basket!
    I used to use a basket, but have sort of transitioned into a “pile” these days with a couple of versions of the Bible, a notebook, and whatever study helps I’m using.
    I jokingly call our laundry room “my office” because that’s where the pile lives when it’s not on the dining room table.


  2. Great idea! I have a section of a bookcase by the chair I always sit in for my quiet time with everything I use. I like not having to think about it too much – just sit there and I’m ready to connect with God.


  3. I’m learning to create spaces and clear it corners. Right now I have a basket for hair products, one for mail and a separate designated basket for uniforms in case I need clean uniforms before I’ve had a chance to tackle laundry. Love this idea of a prayer and devotion corner.


  4. So good to know I’m not the only one who struggles with keeping order in my house. I just can’t figure out where things are supposed to belong! I love your idea of a basket to gather Sabbath supplies in. LIke a lot of the other ladies, I just have a pile. My pile is by my bed so I can grab them to read first thing in the morning.


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